Who is Marty the Robot? The Non-Essential Worker

Robots can be identified as precious machines produced by humans in the world. Human labor and valuable time can be saved by using these robots for daily tasks required by humans. Due to the difficulty of working continuously for a long time, and the precision and efficiency of robotic machines, there is a high demand for automated machines worldwide today.

marty the robot

Marty The Robot

Marty, the robot can be identified as an intelligent robot designed to do more human tasks. This Marty the robot is a rather tall robot with an elegant appearance. These are designed to move slowly and not disturb people. This Marty robot is manufactured as a robot to assist supermarket retailers. By installing these robots in supermarkets, this Marty robot is mainly used to give the necessary instructions to the customers who come to the supermarkets to buy goods.

These robots are about the same height as the shelves that store goods. Therefore, the Marty robot can quickly retrieve important information about the products stored on the shelves. The robot’s scanner sensors scan and retrieve the knowledge of the goods. Therefore, this robot can inform the customer who comes to the store easily about the information obtained in this way. And by these robots, customers are also informed about specific things they should be aware of.

Marty Robot’s advanced camera system enables efficient photo capture. Because of this, the Marty robot can provide the customer with the information they need with great accuracy. These robots are equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Because of this, it can be charged once and used for a long time.

Origin Of Marty

A Dutch company manufactured the Marty robot. Later, in 2019, this company introduced these Marty Robot machines to Shop & Shop, a famous American supermarket company. Today, these Marty robots are used in more than 550 supermarkets in America. In 2019, supermarket businesses were also affected due to the Corona epidemic that affected the whole world. The US government ordered citizens to stay home as much as possible. Due to this order, people’s daily life was involved, and people started collecting the goods they needed. Because of this, people gathered as many items as possible from supermarkets, and this situation caused Marty the robot to be taken out of service in supermarkets for a short time.

Marty During Pandemic

Others said that there could be some impact on the spread of the coronavirus as people gather around Marty the robot. But it is essential to know this truth and falsehood, and using these robots will help reduce the spread of poisons like Corona. But information has been received that some complaints have been acquired during the Corona epidemic. After controlling the Corona epidemic, Marty Robot has been used again to serve in supermarkets.

But in the face of more human-borne corona epidemics, not using a robot like Marty can be considered a significant loss. It can also be seen as a serious problem that people are not adapting to such new technological creations that supermarkets use by investing a lot of money. Many believe this Marty robot could have been used during the Corona epidemic through proper management. If used in this way, it would have been possible to work in supermarkets and provide services to customers with more efficiency. Many other supermarkets have this Marty robot, but they do not use it. They keep these robots safely in the storage rooms. By keeping such robotic machines like that, there is no opportunity to get any service. This results in a loss for the supermarket as well as the customer.

Robot Vs Jobs

Many supermarket companies were motivated to buy the Marty robot. Because many said it was more about downsizing and cutting jobs than serving customers. In my opinion, the truth or falsity of this varies according to each person’s views. Still, by using a robot like this, these robots can work continuously 24 hours a day. Therefore, robots can work for a long time with the same efficiency because robots do not feel the fatigue and stress humans think.

Many former supermarket employees thought such robots had affected their jobs. Because these workers have been working in supermarkets for a long time, they have developed various physical problems. Among them are joint back pain, shoulder pain, leg cramps, and neck pain. Because of these pains, he cannot serve for long. Many people think that supermarket companies have some influence due to such employees. Employing such an employee reduces the efficiency and accuracy of the service. But supermarkets have avoided such situations by deploying a robotic machine like Marty.

For these reasons, many supermarket workers think that this Marty robot is a tool that will lose their jobs. Other workers feel that supermarket companies do not care about the welfare of workers unless they work to increase their profits daily. For these reasons, it is clear that supermarket workers are vehemently opposed to robots like Marty.


Despite the vital service provided by the Marty robot to the customers of the supermarkets, customers identified some faults. Some people say that the service provided by the Marty robot is not up to the standard in some cases. Others say employing humans can be more meaningful and valuable than hiring Marty the robot.

As one supermarket employee said, the Marty robot could not detect when an item fell on the floor. Another employee noticed that a customer bought a sauce-like liquid spilled on the floor, but the Marty robot could not detect it. Looking at events like this, Marty must rethink the robot’s efficiency.

After spilling the sauce-like liquid on the floor, the Marty robot walked over it several times, and the robot has not been able to detect it at least once. The employee on duty that day found out about this and immediately cleaned the floor. According to him, there were many customers in the always busy supermarket at that time, and the accident was avoided because the employee acted immediately. Someone would have slipped and fallen in the supermarket if the worker had not cleaned the floor. If such an accident had occurred, it could have damaged the supermarket’s reputation. While researching information about Marty the Robot, I came across this information.

So Robotic Technology Still Not Useful?

As mentioned on a particular website, all the Marty robots had to be taken out of service due to a technical problem that occurred one day when the Marty robots were used in a famous Shop and Shop supermarket branch in America. The main thing that becomes clear is that no matter how much modern technology is used for unmanned work, maximum reliability cannot be placed for those works. Looking at such events, it is clear that human labor is essential even if robotic technology is used instead of people.

Due to these reasons, many companies have realized that human services are more critical than robots. Recently, it has been accepted by many that the investment made by the Shop & Shop company for Marty Robot was not very profitable. Looking at these facts, it is clear that human labor should be given priority over robots.

From the study about this Marty robot, it became clear that there are valuable things and not use things about robots. Sure limiting factors exist in using robots in practice rather than in laboratories. Also, the money invested in such machines is very costly, and minimizing the damage caused by a prior study is challenging to get a profit commensurate with the capital invested.

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