iPhone 14 Pro Price Will Be More Expensive According To Kuo

For 15 consecutive years, Apple Inc has managed to amuse the audience with every iPhone release they did. Since the release of the first-ever iPhone 1 in 2007, Apple Inc managed to maintain the attention of the entire world as the leading smartphone manufacturer. The last iPhone 13 Series was a great hit in the markets throughout the world. This time they are back with the iPhone 14 series. Among the 3 phones released in series 14, iPhone 14 Pro is significant. Why is that? You may ask. So, let’s see why that is so.

iphone 14 pro

iPhone 14 Pro   

The announcement of the iPhone 14 series was just made on the 7th of September. Millions of iPhone users around the world are already excited to see, what the successor of the amazing iPhone 13 has to offer. Having produced more than 30 bestseller smartphones, Apple Inc has a unique fan base that would even upgrade their smartphones as soon as a newer version arrives on the market. This is the best vouch for the quality of these smartphones including the iPhone 14 Pro.  

Appearance wise iPhone 14 pro is quite similar to iPhone 13 Pro Max. Yet the iconic black notch, that followed since iPhone X is missing in iPhone 14 Pro. Functionality wise lots of new features have found their way into iPhone 14 Pro. Always on lock-screen, fully customizable lock-screen, brighter outdoor display, and emergency satellite communication are just some of the latest features, Apple users can expect from this new release.  

Let’s head on to the specs.  


iPhone 14 Pro comes with a massive 6.1” display. Refresh rates of the phone are also a game-changing factor that makes the iPhone 14 Pro special. With a 120 Hz maximum refresh rate fully responsive smooth display, all the way down to a 1 Hz minimum. This allows the phone to lengthen the battery life by reducing the refresh rate whenever a still screen is on. Another exciting factor is the colors that the new iPhone 14 Pro comes in. iPhone 14 Pro is available in Gold, Silver, Space Black, and the latest Deep Purple. Hence you can meet all your stylish needs.  


iPhone 14 Pro comes in 3 storage sizes. 128GB, 256GB, and 1TB sizes are available for you to choose from, to fit your needs. Powered with an A16 bionic chip, iPhone 14 Pro has 6GB of built-in RAM to provide you with the most efficient smartphone experience. Another important feature is the e-SIM. From so far what we have heard, iPhone 14 Pro comes without a physical sim tray in the US but with a built-in e-SIM. iPhone 14 Pro can support up to 6 e-SIM cards making your life easier. Another importance of the e-SIM is that they cannot be removed, even if your iPhone 14 Pro is lost or stolen. With this e-SIM feature, your non-physical sim tray is as long as it can get.


Durability is another important thing you can expect from any Apple iPhone. iPhone 14 Pro is made with surgical-grade stainless steel. Not only that the display is enforced with a ceramic shield and is as tough as it can be. With an IP68 water resistance certificate, iPhone 14 Pro is waterproof to a maximum of 6 meters up for half an hour. Also, the new iPhone 14 Pro is dustproof as well.

Dynamic Island

Let’s come back to the most iconic feature of the iPhone 14 Pro, Dynamic Island. Dynamic Island is essentially a genius software trickery to hide the front camera. Dynamic Island is not at all a static black notch like in earlier series. Just like the name suggests, Dynamic Island is dynamic and it can expand and provide with much more uses than just being a coverup for the front camera. Dynamic Island supports Maps, Apple Pay, Apple Music, Timer, Bluetooth connections, and much more including third-party apps. Dynamic Island can also pull off this neat trick of being separated into a small pill on the left and a circle on the right. Allowing you to view information from 3 separate apps at the same time.


One of the most important things anyone considers when buying a new phone is the camera quality. For the first time in Apple history, they have decided to include a 48MP main camera on the back. It promises you 4x higher resolution images with your new iPhone 14 Pro. Among other new features included in the camera system, a 2x telephoto camera, 0.5 Ultra-wide camera, and 0.5 Ultra-wide macro camera are noteworthy.

Apple Inc has also made the lowlight photos even better. Lowlight photos of iPhone 14 Pro are 3x better on the ultra-wide camera, 2x better on the main camera, and 2x better on the telephoto camera. The cinematic mode also can shoot 4k HDR at 24 fps and 30 fps. Action mode allows you to take stable videos in super shaky conditions. Apple also made sure to make your selfies look even better with their true depth front camera with autofocus. Low-light selfies are also 2x better in the new iPhone 14 Pro.  

Exclusive to iPhone 14 Pro  

So, let’s have a quick summary of what upgrades were made from the iPhone 13 Pro Max to the iPhone 14 Pro, to help you grasp why the iPhone 14 Pro comes at the price point it does.  

  • Dynamic Island sheds the iconic black notch and tactically hides the front camera. Providing the ability to view information from up to 3 apps simultaneously.  
  • Missing physical SIM tray replaced with e-SIMS that supports up to 6 different SIMS and cellular network plans.  
  • The smaller bezel on the display  
  • Up to 2000 nits of maximum brightness for better use in outdoor sunlight.  
  • 48 MP main camera for higher resolution photos.  
  • 1.78 maximum aperture for brighter photos in low-light conditions  
  • Up to 2x telephoto with new quad-pixel sensor  
  • Cinematic 4K HDR videos in both 24fps and 30fps  
  • Mag safe battery for wireless charging and up to 23 hours of video playback  
  • Emergency satellite communications for areas with no cell phone services.  
  • Crash detection that dials 911 and other emergency contacts when your iPhone detects a severe crash  

With all these features packed in, undoubtedly iPhone 14 Pro is going to be a mind-blowingly amazing smartphone. But just like in any other product, higher quality standards come with a higher price point. But don’t worry because with iPhone 14 Pro you won’t have to regret a cent that you have put into purchasing this beast of an iconic smartphone as it guarantees you the best smartphone experience of 2022. iPhone 14 Pro is available from $999-$1499 depending on the size of storage that you will be selecting to go with.

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